Becoming a member – alumni, visitors and ULANZ

Alumni, visitors and ULANZ membership


Fee Structure for Alumni:

First six months freePhotograph of Ivey Hall from a distance

Additional membership fees (after six months free)

  • up to 3 months – $30
  • up to 6 months – $60
  • up to 12 months – $100

Alumni Library membership provides the following access, subject to general terms and conditions below:

How to register for Alumni membership in person

Bring the completed application form, one form of photographic ID and payment with you when you visit Library, Teaching and Learning.

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All visitors are welcome to use the Library for reading and reference purposes.

The following membership categories allow for borrowing and limited access to e-resources.

Membership for visiting Scholars and Academics

Enrollment is by written application submitted to Library, Teaching and Learning by a Faculty or Department Administrator. A charge code is required.

Community membership

Enrollment is by written application to the University Librarian, including reasons why interloan from your local library would not be sufficient for your needs.

Fee Structure for External Members:

  • up to 3 months – $50
  • up to 6 months – $90
  • up to 12 months – $150

Visitor photocopying cards

Cards can be purchased for $5, and copying credit added for whatever value is required


Information about ULANZ

Information about registration

  • Register at the Welcome Desk any time during our opening hours. There maybe exceptions to this due to staff availability.
  • Required documentation – a photo ID and your current ID card from your home institution as proof of current enrolment or employment.
  • Completion of a ULANZ application form (available from the Welcome Desk)
  • The details of your home institution’s ID card will be recorded and this is the card you will use for borrowing. You will not be issued with a separate card.
  • The registration period is to 28th February the following year.


  • There is no charge for registering as a ULANZ member.


Applicants should be required to:

  • Provide evidence of current enrollment or employment;
  • State in writing (or electronic application) that they are currently enrolled or employed and have not been excluded from using their home university library or any other participating university library;
  • Acknowledge in writing (or electronic application) that they will abide by the rules and conditions of the host university library;
  • Sign a declaration that all the information they have provided is accurate, and acknowledging that the host library may check with their home university library or any other participating university library and that their registration may be cancelled immediately if any of the information provided is found to be incorrect. Libraries may make random or periodic checks for any discrepancies. Should any discrepancies be found, the host library will immediately cancel the registration and demand return of any library materials;
  • Acknowledge in writing that they understand that information may be sent to the home library if items are not returned to the host library, and that further sanctions may apply at their home library depending on the rules of the home library.

More information is available in the ULANZ Privacy Statement .

Information about loans conditions

  • Items will be issued with undergraduate loan periods.
  • Items within the “Short Loan” collection can not be loaned by ULANZ members
  • You must return material to the library from which it was borrowed
  • Fines and fees will be applicable for overdue or lost material
  • Fines must be paid at the “Welcome Desk”
  • Link to ULANZ Information for borrowers


ID Cards

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Your Lincoln University ID Card provides access to many services including Library borrowing, printing, photocopying for the term of your membership and may grant after hours access to authorized areas.

It also identifies you as a visitor at Lincoln University . While on campus you may be asked to produce it for identification at any time.

Getting a Card

Lincoln University ID cards are issued, subject to the current “Terms and Conditions“, from the ground floor Welcome Desk.

Card Care

The ID card should be stored carefully avoiding the following:

  • Abrasive surfaces
  • Folding or bending the card
  • Punching holes in the card

Lost Cards

Immediately report lost cards to Library, Teaching and Learning so that access to services can be cancelled. You are responsible for all uses made of your card until it has been reported as lost.

Replacement cards cost $30.00, regardless of the reason for replacement.

Renewing ID Cards

Alumni or Visitors

An application must be made to Library, Teaching and Learning to renew membership. A fee maybe payable for the requested membership period.

Terms and conditions

  • If you are resident within the local telephone calling area or check email on a daily basis, and if you agree to return material immediately if required, then you can borrow print items from the Library.
  • Membership is granted at an undergraduate level (undergraduate borrowing privileges of 28 day loans for books and theses, 7 day loans for DVDs and 7 days loan for serials). The Library does not offer a postal borrowing service to distance alumni or visitors.
  • Because of licensing restriction remote access to most of the Library’s fulltext and bibliographic electronic databases is unavailable to Alumni and Visitors. Walk-in access to most databases is available at the Library to any Library user, and files can be saved to your pen-drive or emailed.
  • Membership is granted to an individual, rather than a company. Although the individual may be using the collection for business reasons, the card holder is the only person who will be permitted to borrow using the card.
  • In some circumstances Library staff may be available to meet one-off information requests on payment of the relevant fees.
  • Your photograph will be taken for your ID card. It will be stored as a digital image on a secure server.
  • This photograph may be used by University staff, the Lincoln University Students’ Association, Lincoln Hospitality Limited and other authorised agencies within the course of their duties, for identification purposes.
  • The card always remains the property of Lincoln University and must be surrendered on request from an authorised person.
  • It may only be used while you are a visitor at Lincoln University.