Submitting to Research Archive

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Instructions for examination can be found on the House Rules page.

As well as a Thesis or Dissertation, additional scholarship may be deposited to the Lincoln University Research Archive, an Open Access repository – connecting you to the global research community, increasing your citation rate and building your researcher profile by providing persistent URLS that can be used in sites such as LinkedIn.  You may also submit items about your research activities (e.g. Thr3sis presentations) to the Lincoln University Living Heritage: Tikaka Tōku Iho repository.

Depositing a Thesis or Dissertation

What to deposit

The author of the work should be the one to deposit, if you need someone else to deposit on your behalf, please contact LTL for a permission form.

Final university-approved Lincoln University Theses – PhD or Masters, and Dissertations, after they have been through examination.

You may also attach associated files, such as data sets or spreadsheets.


Third party copyright

If your work includes third party material, such as charts, diagrams, graphs, photographs, maps, tables (that are not your own work), you need to obtain written permission from the copyright owners to use it.  We provide a sample MS Word form for requesting permission. You should retain all completed forms in case of dispute, but LTL does not need to see them.

If written permission cannot be obtained, you will need to provide two files in your submission:

  • one which is complete,
  • and one with the third party copyrighted material removed

Leave a space equal to the removed material to ensure pagination and layout are identical.  Do not remove the label/description/citation. Where material is removed, you may note “Material removed due to copyright compliance.”

Author copyright

Copyright of a Thesis/Dissertation/Research remains with the author. For intellectual property reasons (e.g. prior publication of portions of a thesis in a journal or book) you may wish to apply for access restrictions – see Restricting Access tab. Also check out Understanding Copyright and the University’s Intellectual Property policy.

Converting to PDF

You will need to convert your file(s) to PDF. Use the latest software available to you.

Please do not add any PDF file security settings. Embargoes/Access Restrictions are separate settings that are placed by LTL following student/supervisor requests.

Converting with Adobe Pro

On campus, we recommend that you convert your file(s) using Adobe Acrobat Pro.  This is available on the computers beside the IT Help Desk, Library ground floor, or through your Faculty Administrator.

From Word, select File – Save As Adobe PDF

  • Check that all formatting and images have converted correctly in the PDF file
  • Go to document properties (Ctrl+d)

pdf adobe proTitle – capitalise ONLY first word and proper nouns
Author  — your name as it appears on the title page
Keywords – keywords, as listed after your abstract


Converting from word

If you do not have access to Adobe Pro, then still convert your file to PDF using the latest software available to you.

From the word menu, select:

  • File – Save As – Select PDF(*.pdf) from the drop-down menu –

If possible, please add Author/Keywords/Title to your document properties when you save your file as PDF:

pdf saveAuthor  – your name as it appears on the title page
Tags – keywords, as listed after your abstract
Title – capitalise ONLY first word and proper nouns




Restricting access

You may need to restrict access to your Thesis/Dissertation/Research wholly or in part. Your supervisor and the University Librarian must approve any restrictions. For further information about whether a restriction may apply, please refer to the 170512_Lincoln University Grounds for Embargo Guidelines. If you believe there are grounds for a restriction (embargo) then you and your Supervisor need to complete the Embargo Notification Form under Forms on the same page on the Hub.

Standard access options include:

  • no restrictions – immediate worldwide access
  • restrict to Lincoln University community only – remote access available to current staff & students via authentication
  • restrict all access for up to 24 months

Apply any restrictions using the appropriate fields in the Research Archive submission form, after discussing it first with your supervisor, gaining their approval, and sending a completed   Embargo Notification Form to the Research Management Office (RMO).

When completing the embargo fields for your submission, you will need to enter the details of your embargo, and for each file you upload manually select a date for the embargo to end. Read and follow all instructions on the Research Archive deposit pages, or preview the process here.

Deposit process

Once you have converted your file(s) to PDF, deposit your digital file to the LU Research Archive, it is important that you read and follow all instructions. Preview the submission process here.

You do not need to have your Lincoln login to submit to the Research Archive. If your password/username has expired then just register with a personal email as an external user and complete your submission this way. It won’t make any difference 🙂

We require up to 72 hours to process your submitted files, before we will sign off your Graduation Clearance Form. (Honours dissertations note that this may take longer, as we cannot approve your submission until the Student Administration has cleared your academic transcript for graduation).

Graduation sign off

You will receive an automated email when your submission to the Research Archive has been approved.

  • Dissertations Library, Teaching and Learning will liaise directly with Student Administration. No further action from you is required regarding your deposit.
  • Theses An approved Library, Teaching and Learning staff member must sign the relevant section of your Graduation Clearance form.

For further information or assistance:


Drop-in sessions to support you with study run Mon-Thurs 10:30-11:30 in L003.  If you have Thesis writing question you can come to these or book an appointment.


Contact Jonas Bong for enquiries regarding the digital thesis/dissertation deposit process.

Contact Sarah Tritt or Roger Dawson about any copyright issues in regard to your thesis