Writing a thesis or dissertation


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“What examiners do: what thesis students should know”

  • This paper by Clinton Golding, Sharon Sharmini & Ayelet Lazarovitch explains what examiners look for in a thesis

“What is an original contribution?”

  • Pat Thomson explores the concept of originality in a thesis

Writing, revising and editing your thesis

  • Advice around what level of editing support is available and appropriate

Literature reviews

What is a literature review?

  • An introduction to literature reviews:  purpose, creating a structure, and incorporating sources

Structuring a literature review

  • How to develop a clear structure in a literature review (video from RMIT University)

Literature reviews

  • How to scope and structure a review (from Australian National University)

Writing with authority

  • How to incorporate sources into your writing in a scholarly way (video from RMIT University)

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Research Proposals


Possible structures

  • An outline of  three typical thesis structures  (from University of Queensland)

Sections of a thesis

  • What to include in each chapter of a traditional thesis or dissertation (from University of Queensland)

Reading other theses as models

  • How to identify the range of  acceptable structures and styles (from RMIT University )

Formatting and Templates

Thesis formatting template

Dissertation formatting template

  • These formatting templates provide built-in formatting for text and heading styles, margin settings, section breaks and page numbering, and place-holders for automatically generated table of contents, lists of figures, tables and plates, etc. for a Lincoln University thesis or dissertation.

How to use the thesis formatting template

  • Advice notes on using the templates

For further assistance with formatting, speak to your faculty post-grad administrator, or check out some of these helpful Lynda.com videos:
Especially Word 2016 styles in depth

Note: to view videos on Lynda.com, select Sign in Sign in with your organizational portal url= www.lincoln.ac.nz enter your Lincoln username & password

Numbering chapters, Table of contents, Captions and table of figures

Thesis & Dissertation Style Guide

  • Guidelines for formatting a Lincoln University thesis or dissertation