Gathering research data

Whether you are doing qualitative, quantitative or mixed method research selecting the appropriate research methodology is an essential step in your research project

Qualitative research

Online tutorials and guides

Nvivo -YouTube

The Qualitative Report – qualitative research web sites (Nova Southeastern University)


Stewart, E. J. and Draper, D. (2009). Reporting back research findings: a case study of community-based tourism research in northern Canada,Journal of Ecotourism,8 (2),128-143

Wray, K., Espiner, S.R., and Perkins, H.C.P (2010). Cultural clash: Interpreting established use and new tourism activities in protected natural areas, Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, 10 (3), 272-290

Recommended readings

Lofland, J., Snow, D., Anderson, L. and Lofland, L.H. (2006, 4th Edition). Analysing social settings: A guide to qualitative observation and analysis, Wadsworth, Belmont, California.

Tolich M. and Davidson C. (1999). Starting fieldwork: An introduction to qualitative research in New Zealand, Oxford University Press, Auckland.

Quantitative research

Image showing a definition of quantitative research
Jencik, A. (2011). Qualitative Versus Quantitative Research In J. T. Ishiyama & M. Breuning (Eds.), 21st Century Political Science: A Reference Handbook (2 ed., pp. 506-513). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Reference


SPSS via LU Applications>>Maths and Stats Applications


Online tutorials and guides

Designing surveys & questionnaires

SPSS – become familiar with the Help menu in the SPSS software, it is a great place to start.

SPSS Lessons

Mixed Method

Online tutorials and guides

Glossary of common research terms

Conducting mixed methods research (YouTube videos) – Alan Bryman (Professor of Organisational and Social Research, University of Leicester)

Library resources

You may wish to search broadly e.g “research methods”, alternatively you can add a subject, e.g. “research methodology” tourism, to retrieve resources within a topic; or search specifically, e.g. spss.


General resources include handbooks. dictionaries and encyclopedias, a useful starting point:


Choice of database will depend on the subject area of your research. There are specialized databases or databases with specific features:

Web sites

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