Records Management

Records, both physical and electronic, play a critical role within Lincoln University. It can be hard knowing how to properly manage records but we’re here to help with the following three pages on records management:

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  • What you need to know about Records  This page covers the basics, such as what is a record, why the Public Record Act applies to universities and which University records are covered by the Act.
  • Disposal of Records  Learn about the three classifications of records and the disposal rules that apply to them.
  • Policies and Legislation  For those who want to take a deeper dive into the laws, rules and regulations that govern records management in New Zealand’s tertiary education institutions and government ministries.

Who is responsible for Records Management at the University?

All University staff are responsible for ensuring that the records they work with are managed properly.  Line managers, administrators and personal assistants need to take special care that they know and follow University policy and procedure in this area.  Applying the advice on these webpages will be a good start.

The University Librarian has been designated the Executive Sponsor for records management as required by Principle 1.3 of Archives NZ’s Information and records management standard. This includes the task of drafting policy and procedures relevant to the development and implementation of a comprehensive records management programme for the University.

The Records and Research Data Analyst has been delegated day-to-day responsibility for carrying out records management at the University and advises the University Librarian on questions related to policy and procedure. Feel free to contact the Records and Research Data Analyst if you need help with records management.