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Students and Staff requires your Lincoln University log in whenever you use it.

Please note: If video resolution is poor, click on the video icon shown below and change from Flash to HTML5.

Lynda dot com icon

Staff – How to use in class

At the top of the video wanted, click Lyndashareicon> Choose Link tab > Cover and copy the “Link for someone within Lincoln University” > Go to Powerpoint and paste the link into your presentation.

Linking part of a larger video

If you only want to link part of a larger video to your class simply right click on the section header you want to use and select “copy shortcut”. Paste this shortcut into a word document or text pad e.g.

Trim this back to the end of .html e.g.

To make sure students are logged in to get access, add ? to the end of the address e.g.

Copy this address into Learn and it will jump the students straight to the correct section.

Other introductory video online FAQs

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