Maths and Stats

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Help with mathematics and statistics is available for any course. Library, Teaching and Learning offers a range of resources to help you develop your maths and stats skills.

Maths and stats drop in sessions are held regularly in the Library next to the main stairs.

Workshops, appointments with learning advisors, and online tips and advice are available. Ask staff in Library, Teaching and Learning for further assistance.

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Qmet201 Biometrics

The following booklets cover topics taught in Qmet201.

Each booklet contains formulae and examples, as well as exercises for you to practise.
Descriptive Statistics
Simple Linear Regression
Regression Analysis
Analysis of Variance for Completely Randomised Design(one way analysis)
RCBD Analysis (two way analysis)
Chi Square
Factorial Design
Confidence Intervals
LSD and contrasts
Normal, Binomial and Poisson Distribution 

Maths resources

Maths is Fun
Easy step-by-step explanations with worked examples and exercises

Maths First
This website from Massey University is designed to promote individuals learning in Mathematics